Sliding entryway locks comes in distinctive plans and styles, so make sure to buy one that can be utilized on your entryway sort

Step 1 – Check the Latch's Parts

Open the entryway's bundling lock and be acquainted with every one of the parts and pieces. Diverse models and styles of glass entryway locks fluctuate from producer to maker and from model to model, so it's ideal to acquaint yourself with what you obtained.

Step 2 – Install the Locking Cylinder

You must introduce the locking chamber into the primary door jamb. Test the sliding so as to lock chamber the key into the barrel and working the lock to verify it is working.

Step 3 – Position the Locking Side of the Latch

Position the outside or locking side of the entryway hook into the entryway. Position the inside side of the entryway lock outline into the entryway. Position the entryway handle over the screw gaps on the inside side of the door jamb and put in the screws. Hand-fix the screws to put the entryway handle set up. When it is hand fixed, utilize a Philips head screwdriver to fix it more.

Step 4 – Close the Sliding Door

Close the sliding entryway and connect with the entryway lock. Test if the entryway hooks connect with when it is bolted. Open the entryway and test the locking instrument to guarantee that the locking arm moves.